Deal of the Month – February

SB001Saferbaby – Promoting safe sleep for those we care about most

The ‘Feet to Foot’ sleeping position is recommended by today’s midwives as a way to avoid babies wriggling beneath their blankets and risking potential overheating. Even with this solution there is a strong possibility that babies will wriggle upwards and become cold.

The Saferbaby Sleeper solves the problem, fully adjustable, it can be positioned anywhere on the cot or cot bed dependent on the size of the baby, creating a ‘false foot’ and a safe environment for baby to sleep. Used with traditional sheet and blanket bedding the Saferbaby Sleeper fits over the covers using the stability strap that runs underneath the cot base, trapping the bedding in place and baby in the safest position. As baby grows the Saferbaby Sleeper is easily repositioned and firmly secured with the locking mechanism that will adjust to fit any bar width.
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Halloween Huggalugs!

Halloween Huggalugs

Now that we’re into October and the weather seems to have cooled, we’re already thinking forward to the festivities which are coming over the next few weeks. We’re getting organised and making our Christmas lists and we celebrate Thanksgiving with our American relatives in November, but first there’s Halloween to look forward to.

Here in the U.K., we finally seem to be catching on to just how fun Halloween can be, and even the major supermarkets are getting in on the act and offering wider ranges of costumes, accessories and toys for Halloween (though best not to mention Asda’s efforts…!).
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Chic ‘o’ Bello Baby Bags

Chic'o'Bello Changing Bags
If there’s one thing that new parents learn quickly it’s that transporting a baby takes a lot of cargo. From nappies and wipes to toys, changes of clothing, muslins, bibs, bottles for expressed milk or formula…the list goes on! Sure, it might seem easy enough to just chuck everything into a bag or rucksack, but when you’ve got a wet or hungry baby and you have to go bag diving for whatever it is you need, whilst your little darling is bringing down the house with 100 decibel cries, you’ll wish you had a bag which offered more in the way of organisation.
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BabyDam and Huggalugs Giveaway! #giveaway


We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve got our very first giveaway starting today, and if you enter you could stand to win one of two fantastic prizes.

First prize is a BabyDam, one of the best-selling baby bathing products on our site. The BabyDam is compatible with any straight sided bath and acts like, well, a dam! The BabyDam allows you to section off a smaller area of the bath in which to bathe your baby, allowing you to use less water and give baby an environment which feels safe and cosy. The BabyDam grows with your baby too, allowing you to make the bathing compartment bigger as and when you need to, giving you value for money in more ways than one.

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Announcing a Great Offer!

We thought we’d start the week with a BANG by letting you know all about the great offer that we have on the site at the moment. Simply spend £25 and you’ll be entered into a Lucky Dip where every customer wins either a free pair of Huggalugs or a free Snack Trap, to go with their order! Simply order something from the site, totaling over £25 and your free gift will be sent with your order.

But, do be quick; the offer only lasts for two week! (click on the image below to be taken to the site)

Lucky Dip Offer

Huggalugs: Huggalugs are super stylish legwarmers and a MUST HAVE accessory for any baby or toddler. Can be used over trousers or tights, or on bare legs to keep your little ones warm and cosy. Suitable for boys or girls from 3 months upwards!
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Sleep Like a Baby – Bedroom Safety

Safababy Sleeper
If you’re anything like us, here at Baby Allsorts, you’ll probably spend about 90% of your parenting life worrying about one thing or another. With a new baby comes new challenges and you’ll be thinking about things that simply never occurred to you before. As adults, most of the time we fall in to bed without a second thought about safety, but for babies it’s not that simple. Latest guidelines suggest that placing a baby in its cot in the ‘feet-to-foot’ position is the safest option, as it means that baby can’t slip down under covers and overheat.

One product which helps take the worry out of nighttime safety is the Saferbaby Sleeper. This simple partition creates a false foot in any straight-sided cot, allowing you to place your baby into a smaller compartment. The Saferbaby Sleeper also goes over the top of blankets, and holds them firmly in place, which removes the risk of larger covers untucking and rising over your baby’s face.
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Wednesday’s Wardrobe

Today we’re linking up to Wednesday’s Wardrobe, the weekly fashion linky by the lovely Emma at Emma and Three, and thought we’d take the opportunity to show you some of the gorgeous Huggalugs designs that we have in stock at the moment!

This design is called ‘Entwined‘ and the remind us of the thorns around Sleeping Beauty’s castle, keeping her Prince from giving her the kiss that brings her back to life. Your little Princess is sure to love this design and they certainly get the imagination going!


This gorgeous unisex design is called ‘Retro Rainbow‘ and is sure to brighten up any outfit. We love the fact that they’ll co-ordinate with so many different colours, making them super versatile and easy to wear.
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